The Art of Draping: Weekend Recap

Hey y'all! 

I hope everyone had a jam packed weekend full of 4th of July festivities or European wine tours! Or both?! I finally found time to sit down and recap my second weekend in Paris. Since there are a lot of things to cover I am going to try and get straight to the good stuff (waffles, fashion shows, and cute boys).

Saturday in Lille

We spent the day in Lille visiting Melina's aunt and uncle who live there and wandered the streets shopping and eating, of course. It's such a cute little city and the colors are totally different from Paris! Paris has more grays and blues, while Lille is full of reds and oranges. Anyway, here are a few of my recommendations! 

Breakfast at Meert: If you ever randomly find yourself in Lille, Paris be sure to pop in Meert for hot chocolate and waffles. The hot chocolate is so thick it is like drinking from a chocolate fountain and the waffles are filled with vanilla cream (like the middle of the Oreo). Talk about an early morning sugar rush! 

The Textile Museum: Full of tools and machines we all learned about our first semester of school. It was nice to finally see all of the looms we got tested over in person! (I need to share this post with my professors so they know we really are paying attention during lecture lol.)

***Oh, and we went on our first European train ride!! YAY! 

Sunday Funday: Haute Couture Version

Yesterday I experienced my first two couture fashion shows ever and they did not disappoint! Both of the designers we saw were guests of  Couture Fashion Week, because they are kind of like the new kids on the block. The shows were entirely different in style and set up, but both had me dreaming of having my own show one day... 


What is it like to go to a fashion show??

You wait…and wait….and wait at the door unless you’re like VIP and actually have the sealed envelope invitation then you go right in. Essentially it’s the same thing as waiting in line at a frat party, because everyone is pushing, people are wearing wacky clothing, and everyone thinks they are cool enough to skip the line lol.

Then, once you finally get inside you wait some more…and more…and finally the music begins and the models appear. It’s like all that time of doing nothing finally becomes worth it! The crowds become silent and the only thing you can hear is the music playing and the shutters on the cameras of the press.

But you better be paying attention, because 10 minutes go by and the finale occurs and then everyone claps and is out the door on to the next show! It's actually so weird. Oh, and don't even be worried about what you wear to the show because everyone else is too concerned with the way they look to even glance at your outfit. LOL Welcome to the fashion industry!!!


Tourist Mode

Then, to end the afternoon we ate at the best falafel place in Le Marais. It’s not the famous one people wait in line for, but the one down the street from there and the food is better and it’s not overcrowded! This is the place...not even sure what it's called, but it sure is hard to miss this beautiful building!

VSCO Cam-9.jpg.jpeg

No shocker here, but we did some more shopping and finally did a little sight seeing (my dad would be so proud I finally saw Notre-Dame). We couldn't get in because the line was wrapped around the corner, but now we know you have to get up and go earlyyyyy.

The best part of our little excursion was when we met up with our new school friend, Anouk, who just happens to be renting a place on the left bank a block away from Notre-Dame! This place is worth millions and she found it for rent through Airbnb!  We sat for hours chatting and enjoying the perfectly pariasain chateau (it seriously felt like a movie)

Also, Sundays rock because there is free music everywhere and shows at almost every corner! It seems like the entire city is just calmer, especially when it is overcast and chilly. Perfect for a warm pain au chocolate and espresso (my new morning fave). 

Sorry, I know it was a lot of typing and I got a little carried away but I wanted y'all to see all the incredible things we experienced this weekend! I'll be back in a few for Monday's you all. xoxoxo. 

Fun Fact of the Day: Even the garbage men and bus drivers are cute here. I think I'm going to have to start snapping pics for y'all because WOW.