The Art of Draping: Days 8 & 9

Happy Thursday people!! 

I'm grouping today and yesterday in one post, because I did the exact same thing both days. lol it was a rude awakening remembering I'm actually in class and I have a finished garment due tomorrow morning...and it is being photographed and on display for the entire school to see... 

PS. If you're in Paris stop by Paris College of Art to see the show tomorrow from 3-5 pm! 

It's like the Chanel tweed jacket, but better...

So I explained a little bit in my last post, but there is actually so much more to designing a cool jacket than you think. (It's sorta like origami) First of all I draped my garment in muslin, then I pinned it all in place and marked important places with marker. Well, once I unfolded my pieces to transfer the information to my fashion fabric I realized I didn't do enough markings and forgot how I created the garment!!! Ugh. So annoying!! 

Eventually I got it figured out...(PRAISE.) From there I began to pin and remake my piece out of the most amazing tweed I've ever seen! I mean neon green and army green?? Yes Please! I'll skip the rest of the longgggg and slowwww details, but basically just know it was a lot of hand stitching... like a lot. 

hings you should know about this jacket/poncho thing...

1. It's only 2 pieces of fabric! 2 giant rectangles! 

2. It's a much cooler version of the typical Chanel jacket (in my opinion)

3. I actually had no idea what I was going to do until like 48 hours ago! Yay for spur of the moment designs! 


Thanks for checking in! I gotta go finish getting my ideas together for this shoot tomorrow...I'm so indecisive who knows what my model will be doing lol! Also, there is a huge rager going on downstairs and I'm really tempted to go check it out... (@ Natalie Matthews where are you when I need you?!) 

ALSO ---> everyone should be so proud!!!! I finally had something besides bread and cheese for dinner! Shoutout to Nanashi for giving me extra wasabi too! Bless up!

VSCO Cam-2-1.jpg

Fun Fact of the Day: There is a bar called "The Little Red Door" in the North Marais that is like out of a movie! There is no sign only a small red door on the side of a building! Once you're in you don't get a drink menu, you get a book filled with artwork, and you pick your favorite piece in the book to determine what drink you're served! Bold points for whoever can order without peeking at the ingredients on the other side of the page! 

Oh, and I learned that if you're too loud your neighbors will shushhh you and they will pour water on your balcony! LOL. And they think Americans are dramatic! 

xoxo! Love y'all and remember #nobaddays


Taylor Hicks