The Art of Draping: Day 6

Happy 4th of July everyone!! I'm going to tell you a little bit about my day yesterday, until I figure out how to celebrate the 4th here in

VSCO Cam-2-1.jpg

Main Idea: Monday's in Paris are actually the best

We spent all morning in the atelier working through ideas for our show on Friday! Below you can see some of the phases I went through this morning...we will see if I actually stick with anything after sleeping on my ideas over night. I'll get into more details about my concept and thought process for this piece in a different blog post, because y'all know I'll probably geek out and talk for hours about it lol. 

Then we took a quick lunch break (yes, ham and cheese on a baguette as always) then off on our "retail excursion" for the rest of the afternoon! Basically, this was my professor's way of showing us some of the best hidden shops in Paris, even though she knew we couldn't afford any of it. 

Look! This store you have to know exactly which door to enter and ring the buzzer before they let you in. No sign. No windows. Don't worry I totally dropped a pin and marked my location for next time hehe

Then we popped in a few others and even the original concept store, Collette, where I found these adorable smiley bobble heads! (OMG) Even though it's a total tourist trap now, it's worth going just to see random things like a $ 7,000 phone case or a book devoted to the Juicy Couture Tracksuit.


The Ritz

After all this window shopping we were thirsty and we just happened to be looking at the jewelry stores that are connected to The Ritz Carlton... So what did we do? Grabbed a drink at The Ritz Bar of course!! Never have I seen so much plastic surgery and over dressed women in my life, but wow that hotel is amazingggg. Did we fit in wearing our ripped denim and black boots? No! Did we care? No! Did they care? Ehh, kinda...We did get put in the smallest bar in the back corner of the hotel where the drinks are still overpriced, but at least we had the room to ourselves and we could ooo and ahhh over the hotel in peace. 

From there we spent the rest of the afternoon on the Seine River watching the old couples salsa the night away! Not a bad day...#nobaddays

Fun Fact of the Day: We read, "Why It Does Not Have to Fit" every night! You all should too and learn a little bit more about some really cool wacky fashion designs.