The Art of Draping: Day 10

Bonjour les amis! 

I'm sitting here waiting for my family to arrive looking out over the Louvre,Tuileries Garden, and the Eiffel Tower. It's AMAZING. I feel like a queen!! 

So I figured I would recap yesterday since it was my last day of class... (btw I'm really really sad it's over) Yesterday was full of photoshoots and the final show! Although it has been such a short amount of time I feel like I have made huge advancements in my design career! Who knows maybe I'll intern here next summer or even study abroad here in the spring? I just love it so much!

Friday in Paris

My professor brought in a fellow friend and model from Paris, Yu Mascaradensis, to model our final garments. It was such an incredible experience, because I've actually never done an official shoot with any of my pieces before. We styled her, dressed her, and ran around the city to get the perfect shot! It's a surreal feeling seeing someone else wearing what you just spent hoursssss working on...I could totally get used to this! Here are a few shots I got on my phone since I don't have the ones from the camera yet, but WOW shout out to the iPhone 7 quality!

We ended the day at our show where we presented our Balenciaga inspired draping piecespaper draping pieces, and our final garments! The other courses (painting, figure drawing, and fashion photography) presented too, but our set up was totally the highlight of the exhibition in my opinion hehe. 

Celebrating: American style

VSCO Cam-3-1.jpg

Fun Fact of the Day: The water glasses are like children's size. They give you less water than they do wine or beer! 


Thanks for following my journey through Paris and stay tuned for more posts, because I'll be here for another 10 days doing the whole tourist bit I haven't gotten to yet with my family (aka: still haven't officially sat by the Eiffel tower tasting cheeses and chocolates) Love y'all! 



Taylor Hicks