16 Things All Fashion Design Majors Can Relate To

When we think of textile and apparel majors we typically imagine students as part of a scene out of Gossip Girl or The Devil Wears Prada. Pop culture and social media have created this stereotype that none of us wear sweatpants to class and we spend all day sketching fabulous gowns! Of course, that sounds amazing, but in reality being a textiles and apparel major requires just as much time and effort as any other major on the forty acres. It requires a huge amount of grit, passion, and perseverance! You pull endless all nighters just to make sure every little detail is perfect before a big presentation and you redraft patterns a billion times before they are just right. It’s our passion and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

So here is a list of 16 things that all Textile and Apparel Majors can relate to here at The University of Texas.

1. All of your friends ask you, “Can you hem my jeans really fast before we go out tonight?”  



2. You become extremely close with your professors and classmates. 

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Those long nights and mid project break downs really have a way of bringing people together!


3. After telling people you’re a fashion major the next question always pops up, “So do you wear your own designs all the time?” or "OMG. So can you make all my clothes for me?" 

As much as we would love to it takes WAY more time than you think to just whip up an outfit real quick! 


4. You intern at New York Fashion Week and you’re sure to document everything on Instagram!

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You’re everywhere from Alexander Wang’s after party to brunch in SoHo the next morning… everyone wants to be you


5. Fashion week is better than every holiday combined

giphy (4).gif

If you aren't live streaming every show on your laptop during class you're doing something wrong...


6. Showing up to your 8 am History of Costume class barely awake and seeing your professor wearing a 1700’s Style Marie Antoinette Wig! Talk about a wake up call!

giphy (5).gif

Seriously... ask anyone and they will tell you Gail Chovan has showed up in costume multiple times! 


7. Constantly hearing, “Wow, it must be so nice to have such a fun and easy major!”

giphy (6).gif

Little do they know you just got out of a statistics test and you have a CAD project and draping project due tomorrow! Stressed much?


8. You can never get used to pushing your dress form down stairs and struggling not to tip it over on the way to a judging panel. 

giphy (7).gif

No matter how new they are they NEVER roll properly!


9. That moment when you show up wearing a full Zara outfit to class only to hear an hour long lecture about fast fashion. #awkward 

giphy (8).gif

 Don't lie you know we've all been guilty of this one.


10. You constantly ask your friends if you can look at their tags because you want to know the fiber content and see where the garment was made. 

giphy (9).gif

Seriously…only textile major things!


11. You have every size ruler, curve, straight edge, and black ink pen someone could imagine. 

giphy (10).gif

You never know what option you might need in flat pattern that day….


12. That feeling when you walk into the lab and it’s completely clean.

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 3.22.06 PM.png

The. Best. Feeling. Ever. Can I get an Amen?! 


13. You don’t even go to Jo Anns anymore because they never know what you’re talking about!

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Instead you resort to online ordering and paying those ridiculous overnight-shipping fees. Oops!


14. You obsess over your website because your online portfolio is everything. 

giphy (12).gif

Literally everything. 


15. There might just be an air mattress and Keurig in one of the lab closets…

giphy (13).gif

Desperate times call for desperate measures.


16. We all know the feeling you get when all of your hard work has paid off and you’re happy with your designs! You remember why you love fashion again and it brings pure bliss!  

giphy (14).gif

#nobaddays baby! 

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This has totally been my life since being back in Austin...especially number 15! Thanks for checking in and stay tuned because I have a bunch of exciting things I have been working on that I cannot wait to share!! Cheers to another great week - let's get it people! 

PS. shoutout to my amazing roomie and new bff Lilly Hatoum for always making me the best coffee and being so supportive every day! (pictured on the left) 


- Tay

Taylor Hicks